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AlmavivA Green

AlmavivA Green

Energy and sustainable consumption

Rationalisation of consumption and greater awareness of efficient use of energy resources are the key considerations for the future of our planet.

Combining economic development and environmental protection currently represents a pressing problem which calls for responsible behaviour from everyone, governments through to individuals. Efforts must be aimed at rationalising consumption, also in the context of energy efficiency, and reducing waste, by adopting eco-compatible policies and conduct.

AlmavivA has decided to turn this into a strategic objective for the Group: to become a green company.

Underway since 2008, the AlmavivA Green Project fosters the commitment of corporations and trade unions in an innovative industrial-relations model along three lines of development.

Green Company

Putting into practice conduct models, organisational action and management of plants and logistics to reduce consumption and the environmental and energy-related impact of corporate activities

Green IT

Promote an approach aimed at the efficient use of information technology to reduce resource consumption and maximise the energy efficiency of the offered services and delivered products

IT Soutions

Enhancing and developing AlmavivA's experience, skills and technologies to innovate the company's commercial offering in the environmental and energy field

To ensure the prevention and containment of the environmental and energy-related impact deriving from operations, AlmavivA has developed and applied an Environmental Management System and an Energy Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 and UN ISO 50001 standards. These plan and systematise eco-friendly behaviour and efficient use of IT at the Group level, and all staff, suppliers and other interested parties are actively invited to implement them.

For the path of change, which impacts on all company components, a completely original path was chosen, which allowed to enhance the common commitment of the Company and the Syndicate in a mixed and transversal Green Team, with representatives from all areas of the organization.

Thanks to the project’s unique characteristics, since 2014 AlmavivA Green has received several awards.

One of the top twenty national companies according to Legambiente, the most authoritative environmental organization in Italy

Silver Medal for "Good HR Practices" awarded by the Italian Association of Personnel Directors

National Champion all’European Business Award, la più prestigiosa Business Competition indipendente d’Europa

National Champion at the European Business Awards, the most prestigious independent business competition in Europe


Among the initiatives that are most dear to AlmavivA, are one that’s dedicated to planting a field of posidonia oceanica in the sea around Sardinia and another dedicated to planting a small forest in the Peten region of Guatemala as part of a reforestation project with a high social impact. These ideas require development over time, a characteristic which all of the company’s social and energetic-environmental initiatives are aware of.

The forest in Guatemala has 5000 trees, all equipped with a tracking system that, thanks to a unique code, makes it possible to monitor their growth remotely in real time. Each tree has been entrusted to an AlmavivA employee who has thus become its custodian. But how much is 5000 trees? Watch the video on AlmavivA's project with its partner ZeroCO2 and find out.

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