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AlmavivA Green

AlmavivA Green

Energy and sustainable consumption

Rationalisation of consumption and greater awareness of efficient use of energy resources are the key considerations for the future of our planet.

Combining economic development and environmental protection currently represents a pressing problem which calls for responsible behaviour from everyone, governments through to individuals. Efforts must be aimed at rationalising consumption, also in the context of energy efficiency, and reducing waste, by adopting eco-compatible policies and conduct.

AlmavivA has decided to turn this into a strategic objective for the Group: to become a green company.

Underway since 2008, the AlmavivA Green Project fosters the commitment of corporations and trade unions in an innovative industrial-relations model

Green Company

Putting into practice conduct models, organisational action and management of plants and logistics to reduce consumption and the environmental and energy-related impact of corporate activities.

Green IT

Promote an approach aimed at the efficient use of information technology to reduce resource consumption and maximise the energy efficiency of the offered services and products over the course of their entire life-cycle.

IT Solutions

Enhancing and developing AlmavivA's experience, skills and technologies to innovate the company's commercial offering in the environmental and energy field.


To ensure the prevention and containment of the environmental and energy-related impact deriving from operations, AlmavivA has developed and applied an Environmental Management System and an Energy Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 and UN ISO 50001 standards. These plan and systematise eco-friendly behaviour and efficient use of IT at the Group level, and all staff, suppliers and other interested parties are actively invited to implement them.

Smart Energy Management

The principal actions of the AlmavivA Green project include the SEM Smart Energy Management®, AlmavivA's Internet of Things Platform for rationalising energy consumption within a building, as part of a process of continuous improvement, integrating information flows from extremely diversified heterogeneous sources: visibility, control and automation in a single tool.

Visit the SEM Smart Energy Management® website

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