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Safer agriculture: the Italian Online Commodity Exchange Legal Supply Chain platform

Safer agriculture: the Italian Online Commodity Exchange Legal Supply Chain platform

Case Study

Borsa merci telematica italiana (BMTI) (Italian Online Commodity Exchange) is the publicly owned, non-profit company for the regulation, development and transparency, and prices and economic information dissemination.

On an exclusive basis, it manages the regulated digital market of agro-food, agro-energy and fishery products, as well as logistical services; using the digital platform, it analyzes markets, creating tools and services for the development of an inclusive and sustainable economic system, operating for the general interest alongside enterprises and institutions.

In the area of a Protocol of Intent with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of agricultural forestry and tourism policies, signed to create joint and synergistic initiatives to combat illegal practices in the agro-industrial sector and to safeguard the production system, in 2019, BMTI introduced the “Fi.Le - Filiera Legale” (Legal Supply Chain) project, drawing from the 2014-2020 National Operational Program “Legalità” which anticipates, among other things, the possibility of financing the creation of information systems to manage migrants in order to be able to govern the various aspects of the migratory phenomenon in an integrated manner.

Technology and knowledge: AlmavivA at the service of a quality supply chain

Technology, regulation and knowledge of the territory’s economic and production dynamics at the service of the operators in the food supply chain and the institutions, for simple and legal management of the work offer and the connected logistical services. In a word: Fi.Le, the new platform, also available from a mobile App, which favors combating corruption and criminal infiltration in a quality supply chain which represents, and intends to represent over time, a “Made in Italy” excellence.

Focused on the dynamic and legal management of the work offer and analysis of the territory, the new platform was created by AlmavivA, which leads the 4.0 evolution of the agro-food sector with singular know-how in Italy.


An algorithm allows for management of the work demand and supply, notification of the assigned workers and planning of the legal transportation of the workers.

Business Intelligence

An acquisition, analysis and monitoring system of data from external sources, with a cartographic layer view and annexed data, supports Law Enforcement in their investigative operations.

The advantages of the solution


Support for the authorities in understanding the social-economic dynamics of the territory


Collaboration between institutions and players in the food supply chain


Reduction of administrative expenses for the farms


Public management of agricultural laborer recruitment and transportation methods

A secure, reliable and efficient cloud solution

AlmavivA designed Fi.Le on the AWS Cloud in line with the Well-Architected Framework to combine an optimum end user experience with excellent profiles of security, reliability and efficiency.

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