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Corporate Farmers File and Applications for geo-referenced aid

Corporate Farmers File and Applications for geo-referenced aid

Case Study

Increasing the productivity of agriculture, ensuring a fair standard of living for the agricultural community, stabilizing the markets, guaranteeing the security of supply, and ensuring reasonable prices for the consumers: The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) represents the set of rules that the European Union, since its inception, has intended to follow, acknowledging the centrality of the agricultural sector for fair and stable development of the member countries.

Maximum fairness in European community contributions

Since 2016, applications for funding foreseen by the CAP and submitted annually by agricultural enterprises must be made on a territorial basis, making it effectively impossible to indicate surfaces on the application that are not in the Administration’s territorial database. Thanks to the use of aerial or satellite images, the goal is the ultimate guarantee of fairness in the assistance distributed.

In partnership with AGEA (Agenzia per l’Erogazione in Agricoltura), AlmavivA has developed a software solution with GIS Web interface that allows declarations from the agricultural enterprises to be managed in a geo-referenced way.

AlmavivA for knowledge of the territory

For more than a decade, the AlmavivA solutions have guaranteed constant monitoring of the national territory, the integration of the land registry cartography with extremely high resolution aerial and satellite images and the mapping of soil use with on-site checks and remote sensing.

Because AlmavivA, which has accompanied Italian Agriculture first in its computerization process and then in its digitalization process, is well aware that even in agriculture, know-how is the element from which to start in order to guarantee quality services for the companies and consumers.

The various application modules of the AlmavivA solution now make up the entire agricultural enterprise geo-positioning system.

Geo-positioning more than 10,000,000 hectares of area per countryside

Presenting more than 780,000 geospatial applications per year

Reduction of data application errors

Managing Graphic Files and Applications of 6 Paying Bodies: AGEA, ARCEA, APPAG, AGREA, ARPEA and OPLO


AlmavivA accomplishments

Graphic File

Land Consistency: graphic definition of the corporate island through the selection of the portion of territory run and localization of the stable characteristics of the territory
Cultivation Plan: identification of the cultivation plots and indication of the upkeep criteria adopted for the surfaces
P30: tool for the geo-positioning proposal of portions of land not in the GIS
Assessment sheet viewer: graphic viewer of the assessment sheet content

Single Application

Preparation of the request of each of the assistance regimes for surfaces that the farm can request, based on the “designated” cultivation plan and the possession of the prerequisites identified through the campaign product-intervention matrices for direct assistance

PSR Application

Preparation of the support requests and payment, based on the graphic cultivation plan and the possession of the prerequisites identified through the campaign product-intervention-layer matrices for rural development measures

Graphic Appraisal

Software for the definition of graphic anomalies which allows the identification and classification of all the territory portions present in the graphic territorial consistency, involved by one or more causes of ineligibility


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