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AlmavivA has led agricultural computerization from the onset and now works closely with the sector in its digitalization process, thanks to unique skills in Italy, gained as technological partner to the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and AGEA (Agenzia per le Erogazioni in Agricoltura).

Constant monitoring of the national territory, integration of the land registry cartography with extremely high resolution aerial and satellite images, mapping of the use of the soil with on-site checks and remote sensing, traceability of the supply chain. Even in agriculture, know-how is the element from which to start in order to guarantee quality services for the companies and consumers.

AlmavivA AgriFood, the platform that anticipates the future of agribusiness

Agriculture of the future has never been so close. The combination of technological know-how and experience in the field has led to the creation of a platform capable of meeting all agricultural needs - production, administration, management - guaranteeing contact and interoperability with Public Administration.

In the Absolute Digital era, AlmavivA AgriFood is the ideal instrument for working alongside the agricultural enterprise as it blazes a trail of continuous improvement.

AlmavivA AgriFood is the integrated platform that supports the quality of production, growth of the territories and the value of ‘Made in Italy’ excellence.the territories and the value of ‘Made in Italy’ excellence.


The system proposed by AlmavivA offers added value services in an agnostic way, such as being able to certify the supply chain of any product on Blockchain. To guarantee the authenticity of the product for the consumer and in support of protecting ‘Made in Italy’ excellence, AlmavivA gives every player in the supply chain the possibility of certifying and notarizing the history of the crops that generated the product on Blockchain.

The use of the data from the Blockchain platform is made possible through a mobile APP that the consumer and supplier use, simply scanning an intelligent label (NFC or QR Code) placed on the product to trace the goods.

The traceability solution on Blockchain has already been successfully developed for wine production and for the Consortium to Safeguard the Red Orange of Sicily IGP.

The platform allows the farms to give value, not only to the history of their products, but also to share significant food advisory and food tourism information such as brochures, detailed data sheets, photos, videos and useful material for promoting the activity and the territory.

Geo positioning

One of the qualifying streams of the AlmavivA AgriFood platform is the GIS information geo positioning Web application solution. Integrating the data coming from the available graphic, cartographic, alphanumeric and document databases, AlmavivA creates territorial dashboards that allow the representation and characteristic synthesis capabilities of the GIS environments to be used with applications that let all user types to manage geo-referenced data at any time over a simple Internet connection.

In partnership with AGEA, AlmavivA has created graphic and geospatial solutions to manage the Graphic Corporate Farmers File and to present Graphic aid applications.

Satellite Monitoring

The goal of the Copernicus satellite Earth observation program is to make Europe independent in detecting data on the planet’s health in order to facilitate natural disaster management and to support public policy needs.

In the area of the platform dedicated to AgriFood, AlmavivA has created a solution that exploits the constant availability, high frequency and reliability of the Copernicus data. The goal is to favor agricultural operations through the development of strategies to optimize the yield and quality of the crops, decrease operating costs and mitigate damage caused by atmospheric phenomena.

Thanks to the collaboration with AGEA, which was proposed in 2018 to assess the effectiveness of the Copernicus satellite data in the process of verifying and monitoring the crops benefiting from European Community contribution, AlmavivA created a crop monitoring system that allows objective checks to be conducted using the satellite information with automated processing.

The solution also lends itself well for use in the battle against illegal hiring and other employment irregularities in agriculture, thanks to the immediate identification of labor intensive areas and a risk indicators system which allows checks to be concentrated on the highest risk areas.

Agriculture and Intelligent Irrigation

In recent years, there has been increasing interest by consumers in sustainable forms of agriculture: organic, biodynamic, etc. The agricultural industry has acknowledged this trend through the reduction of pesticide treatments and chemical fertilizers, resulting in lower operating costs combined with a greater appeal of Italian production in national and foreign markets.

Through IoT devices, the AlmavivA AgriFood platform enables real-time monitoring of specific crop and soil parameters: temperature, solar radiation, wind and humidity, as well as water quantity and purity. Based on the data collected, sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms calculate the cultivation needs and indicate the necessary quantities for the crops, thereby guaranteeing maximum effectiveness of the production factors and sustainability of the production production process over time.

Agriculture of tomorrow. AlmavivA today.

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