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AlmavivA, Italy's leading Information Technology provider, has developed and broadened the concept of “cloud computing” with an all-round offering of IT services, based on the paradigm of Digital Change.
AlmavivA Contact - Italy's leading CRM outsourcing company - targets both the public and private sectors, helping clients develop a successful Customer Experience strategy.
Almawave can analyze huge volumes of destructured data of different kinds and from a variety of sources, characterized by a high degree of volatility, for valorizing information strategically and operationally.

14 MAY 2018
Almawave attends Data Driven Innovation
Rome, 18-19 May 2018 - Department of Engineering at Roma Tre University
9 MAY 2018
“AL LAVORO”: AlmavivA attends the AlmaLaurea Career Day in Campania
Naples - Molo Angioino Sea Port Conference Centre