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AlmavivA: contract worth 100 million with Nextel. Exceptional growth in Brazil in 2014

AlmavivA: contract worth 100 million with Nextel. Exceptional growth in Brazil in 2014

​Rome, 27 January 2015 - AlmavivA do Brasil, a company in the AlmavivA Group operating in Brazil in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) sector, has recently signed a contract for 100 million Euro with Nextel to manage call centres, back offices, and the collection and retention of data. Approximately 1,600 new appointments are envisaged to start up operations from 9 February, continuing over a 5 year period, in the city of Teresina, the capital of the State of Piauí in North East Brazil.
A significantly positive start to the year for the subsidiary in the AlmavivA Group, operating in the Brazilian market, and confirming the excellent results already achieved over the last three years.

"2014 closed with growth of 50% compared to the previous year, with revenues reaching 200 million Euro – commented Marco Tripi, CEO of the AlmavivA Group, Chairman and CEO of AlmavivA do Brasil – Seen against one of the highest margins in the market, which grew by 82% in 2014, and by 70% over the three years, we can confirm the exceptional performance achieved". In addition, net profits tripled from 2013 to 2014 and currently stand at over 8 million.
The excellent results recorded are thanks to the recognised value of our offer that combines proprietary innovative technologies in managing CRM services with operational excellence.

"The contracts initiated over recent weeks with some local telecoms operators, for an estimated total value of 300 million Euro over the next 3 years, bode well for 2015 - added Marco Tripi -: we expect further growth of 50%, with earnings of around 300 million Euro, an enlargement of the customer portfolio and a proportionate increase in employment".

The Brazilian subsidiary of the leading Italian Group in ICT is currently represented in 8 cities in Brazil with 11 offices spread across the country, where it employs over 25,000 people involved exclusively in the local market.
Established in 2006, AlmavivA do Brasil rapidly climbed up the rankings in the Brazilian CRM market in just a few years, currently standing at fourth in the world for a value of around 5 billion Euro (Frost & Sullivan - IDC), and expected to rise to third position during the course of the year (from eighth place in 2012).

Only Atento and Contax lie ahead, with both listed companies recording annual turnover of over one billion Euro.
The Group's success in Brazil is also thanks to the expansion of its target client base: from the telecoms market where it is omnipresent, it is now also penetrating the media, financial, entertainment, manufacturing and all other high-growth sectors, with its range of processes, solutions and technology that compete at the global level.