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RhOME for denCity, the winner of Solar Decathlon, with AlmavivA's SEM system for monitoring energy consumption, on show from today at Kiens (Bolzano)

RhOME for denCity, the winner of Solar Decathlon, with AlmavivA's SEM system for monitoring energy consumption, on show from today at Kiens (Bolzano)

The residential prototype that produces more energy than it consumes will provide visitors with the opportunity to interact with the energy analysis system in real time. 

Rome, 28/01/2015 – Today sees the launch of RhOME for denCity, the Italian residential prototype that won the Solar Decathlon 2014, the world Olympics of green architecture. The project was designed and implemented by the Department of Architecture at Roma Tre University and equipped with an AlmavivA system for controlling energy consumption

The house will be on display from today at the Rubner Centre in Kiens (Bolzano), at Klimahouse, the leading trade fair in the Italian energy-efficiency and building-sustainability sector. The fair runs from 29 January to 1 February at the Bolzano Trade Fair Centre.


RhOME for denCity is an urban residential module, designed as an apartment of about sixty square metres, which can produce more energy than it consumes, using renewable energies, applying natural passive strategies and an SEM (Smart Energy Management) solution the analysis, monitoring and control system for energy consumption created by AlmavivA, the leading Italian company in the Information Technology sector.


The platform allows all energy consumption (lights, domestic appliances, heating, air conditioning, temperature, humidity, air quality levels, etc.) to be analysed over time via the web, reporting any unusual values via e-mail or text, when an improvement can be achieved in conduct or consumption. 
The house on display in Kiens - which can be visited from 29 January at the headquarters of the Company from Alto Adige that engineered it - will be equipped with an information system that will reproduce the performance levels achieved in the competition, carrying the consumption analysis, minute by minute, over the entire period of the Solar Decathlon 2014 competition, lasting one week. The system will then be activated to provide a real-time analysis of the energy effectively consumed while visitors are in the home, where they will be able to interact with the instruments and domestic appliances the house is equipped with.
"During the competition, Dwell, an SEM development in the residential sector, was developed – explained Stefano Capelli, Manager of Green Areas and New Business Projects for the AlmavivA Group – this system can be used in a residential context, has been successfully tested and is applicable either in highly efficient new builds or existing buildings undergoing energy upgrade work". "The aim of the SEM solution, Capelli of AlmavivA concludes, is to offer the minimum amount of information necessary to obtain maximum energy efficiency, simply and effectively". 
The trials at the Solar Decathlon were a serious test. The energy consumption, comfort levels and functioning of the house were monitored by judges throughout the whole competition, based on ten trials, which highlighted how this house – designed to produce more energy than it consumes, to use passive defence instruments against both hot and cold temperatures, to keep the air quality under control and to allow use for both residential and work purposes – represents a winning proposal for a low-carbon-emission society.