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Online school enrolment: Education Ministry's success with AlmavivA's Cloud services

Online school enrolment: Education Ministry's success with AlmavivA's Cloud services

AlmavivA works with the Ministry, managing the IT infrastructure for online enrolment, allowing a significant flow of data in the Cloud.

Rome – 17 February 2015 – Success for online school enrolment. The IT procedure, launched on 15 January 2015, was closed at midnight on Sunday 15 February, with parents and families using the service left satisfied, having completed enrolment in just a few clicks. AlmavivA, the leading Information & Communications Technology Group in Italy, has always worked side by side with the Government in efforts to digitalise the country. Here again it supported the Ministry by providing infrastructure services, allowing a substantial volume of data to be managed in the Cloud.

The Ministry confirms that 1,514,995 enrolments were completed online, and 90% of users stated that they were satisfied with the service. Electronic enrolment is growing in popularity: 66.3% of families find the service to be beneficial in terms of saving time (up 6.3% on 2014).

“We finalised the digitalisation project which brought the system up to the highest standard and ensures optimal operation of the offices and over 41,000 schools – said Antonio Amati, General Manager of the AlmavivA IT Division – through new infrastructure, designed and implemented by AlmavivA. Thanks to our specialist skills in Cloud technology, and to this digitalisation project, we feel that the Education Ministry's IT infrastructure is now better equipped to face the challenges posed to the Italian school system by the Buona Scuola [Good School] initiative's increased impetus.”

“The first tangible result was the large-scale, problem-free use of the system by a significant number of users, Antonio Amati goes on to say, this makes us optimistic regarding our ability to adapt, and this is essential for tackling the present, and the future, head on.”

Digitalising school enrolments, as well as marking the progress made in terms of the country's modernisation, also brings significant financial savings, with a positive effect on the environment, thanks to thousands of sheets of paper being spared. As regards Cloud services,

AlmavivA has created HyperCED®, Italy's 'private cloud' that manages public and private corporate IT services.