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AlmavivA and SAS in the Open Data and Big Data challenge for the Government

AlmavivA and SAS in the Open Data and Big Data challenge for the Government

Together, the two big technology companies are launching new services based on open public data and big data. A key asset for the country's development.

Milan, 25 February 2015 - AlmavivA and SAS have signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide the central and local government with analytical solutions able to highlight trends and information within large volumes of data. The data, both structured and unstructured, can thus be analysed in 'near real-time', speeding up decision-making processes within local and central bodies.

Technological expertise and decades of business experience allow AlmavivA and SAS to support public bodies in key projects such as:

  • identifying and analysing phenomena related to the area
  • designing new services for the public and businesses
  • maintaining constant and accurate control over spending, aggregating data from different organisations and agencies, in full compliance with administrative and privacy responsibilities.

The abilities of Almawave, the technological innovation company of the AlmavivA Group, and SAS to extract, summarise, publish and use open data represents an important opportunity to enrich public IT assets, now open for the use and contributions of all. Contributions that increase its value through synergies between different administrations.

“The new services based on big data and open public data are a key asset for the development of our country and government services. SAS is a partner of great prestige,” says Valeria Sandei, Director of Strategic Marketing for the AlmavivA Group, “and together we will rise to the challenge, creating ICT-service solutions that make us confident and effective partners for the Government in its renewal process.”

“At this time, the Government is facing the challenges posed by big data and open data, also linked to the country's future. In this framework, SAS has recognised AlmavivA as a centre of technological and business excellence with which to develop strategic solutions for the management and analysis of open data,” explained Stefano Corrado, Government Sales Manager for SAS. Its central and local government expertise makes it the ideal partner for this important joint initiative.