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AlmavivA and EMC together for a new challenge in the Cloud

AlmavivA and EMC together for a new challenge in the Cloud

The two ICT multinationals announced their partnership aimed at offering new Cloud-oriented services.

The partnership has led to the first double-branded solution: Fast Disaster Recovery

Milan, 17 December 2014 – AlmavivA and EMC announce that they have signed a partnership agreement with the aim of offering new Cloud-oriented services on the market. The partnership has already led to the creation of a new service provided by AlmavivA using EMC technology: Fast Disaster Recovery As A Service (Fast DR).

The innovative service is aimed at customers who seek a quick recovery solution in the “as-a-service” model. Fast DR is entirely designed for virtual platforms and capable of reaching Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) levels measurable in minutes.

The “EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines” technology combined with AlmavivA's innovative Data Center solutions, offers a software-defined approach to business protection, guaranteeing optimisation of bandwidth, automation and compliance with security regulations. The service makes it possible to replicate customers' virtual infrastructure.

“The partnership agreement we have signed with EMC is particularly important because it allows us to further enrich our Cloud services,” states Antonio Amati, General Manager of the AlmavivA Group's IT Division, “we are investing a great deal in the Cloud; it is an area in which AlmavivA has always been present, with unique understanding and flexible, easily integrated solutions, intended for companies and public administration.”

“Within the complexity that characterises IT infrastructure management today, the partnership with AlmavivA is a part of our focus on offering customers solutions that can protect their corporate data within existing budgets," explained Sergio Feliziani, Manager of the Central-South Area at EMC Italia. “With its data protection solutions, EMC is a trusted partner that can lead companies as they tackle the entire continuum of security requirements, providing as-a-service data protection.”

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