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AlmavivA Group: AlmavivA de Belgique is born, with offices in Brussels

AlmavivA Group: AlmavivA de Belgique is born, with offices in Brussels

The new company is to consolidate the group's process of internationalization.

Over 100 IT workers are to be hired for 2015.

Rome, 29 October 2014 – Brussels is now home to AlmavivA de Belgique SA, the Belgian subsidiary of the AlmavivA Group, with the objective of bringing the company's products and services to Belgium and Luxembourg.

The opening of the new company in Belgium has the goal of developing production and sales in the local market, with a specific focus on the world of the EU institutions and the public and private sector (telco, utilities, media and banking).

The Group's activities in the European sector have already begun: AlmavivA was selected for three lots of an important Framework Contract Agreement, DESIS III, with a duration of 4 years (2014-2018), stipulated with the European Commission Directorate-General for Informatics. The purpose of the contract is to supply specialized consulting IT services and systems support, as well as providing turnkey software solutions. The awarding of this new contract, together with that stipulated with Europol for the supply of professional ICT services, represents the first great opportunity for AlmavivA de Belgique, which will manage the activities on site, to demonstrate its capacity for innovation within the European Commission market.

AlmavivA de Belgique's business plan foresees the hiring of over 100 IT workers in 2015, including employees, consultants and contributors. Leading the way at the new company is CEO Fabio Mazzarini, a professional expert in the international Government sector, with specific knowledge of Belgium and Luxembourg. Mazzarini will report to Gianfranco Previtera, Chief International IT Services Market Officer and President of AlmavivA de Belgique, and will be responsible for starting up and implementing the new sales plan of the Belgian subsidiary.

"With this initiative," explains Gianfranco Previtera, "AlmavivA intends to consolidate its internationalization plan, after the recent openings in the United States and in Colombia, working towards its objective of playing a leading role in the European Union's transformation into a major economic and commercial power."

Visit AlmavivA de Belgique website

AlmavivA de Belgique website