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AlmavivA - Italy's leading Information Technology provider - has developed and broadened the concept of “cloud computing” with an all-round offering of IT services.
AlmavivA Contact - Italy's leading CRM outsourcing company - targets both the public and private sectors, helping clients develop a successful Customer Experience strategy.
Almawave can analyze huge volumes of destructured data of different kinds and from a variety of sources, characterized by a high degree of volatility, for valorizing information strategically and operationally.

Focus On
The IRIDE engine is at the core of the Semantic Enterprise
​The leading "Cloud for Enterprise" infrastructure in Italy
Smart Energy Management, how to optimize energy use through monitoring analysis and control
29 OCTOBER 2014
AlmavivA Group: AlmavivA de Belgique is born, with offices in Brussels
The new company is to consolidate the group's process of internationalization
7 OCTOBER 2014
AlmavivA on 060606: Rome calling?
AlmavivA Contact has managed the Rome City Council contact centre 060606 since 2008. It has done so professionally and as a service to citizens