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AlmavivA - Italy's leading Information Technology provider - has developed and broadened the concept of “cloud computing” with an all-round offering of IT services.
AlmavivA Contact - Italy's leading CRM outsourcing company - targets both the public and private sectors, helping clients develop a successful Customer Experience strategy.
Almawave can analyze huge volumes of destructured data of different kinds and from a variety of sources, characterized by a high degree of volatility, for valorizing information strategically and operationally.

Focus On
The IRIDE engine is at the core of the Semantic Enterprise
​The leading "Cloud for Enterprise" infrastructure in Italy
Smart Energy Management, how to optimize energy use through monitoring analysis and control
25 FEBRUARY 2015
AlmavivA and SAS in the Open Data and Big Data challenge for the Government
The two big technology companies are launching new services based on open public data and big data
17 FEBRUARY 2015
Online school enrolment: Education Ministry's success with AlmavivA's Cloud services
AlmavivA works with the Ministry, managing the IT infrastructure for online enrolment
12 FEBRUARY 2015
The AlmavivA Group presents the campaign "M'illumino di meno 2015 - I will use less light, 2015"
Lights off and consumption down, all monitored by the SEM, Smart Energy Management System