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KOE Knowledge of Everything


KOE Knowledge of Everything

KOE Knowledge of Everything

From data to knowledge within Enterprise 4.0, E-Gov., and Smart Community

Objects, processes and people produce a great deal of diversified data, in larger and larger quantities, which need to be acquired, normalized, understood, compared and summarised as information, and the analysis of which generates the necessary knowledge for understanding phenomena and becoming aware of the decision-making processes.

The transformation of data into knowledge is enabled by the possibility of sharing data and information over the communication channels and, above all, by the capability of systems to produce and analyze valuable information and interpret the information with respect to a specific cultural, social and business environment.

In order to produce knowledge, the transformation process requires a capacity of interpretation and the ability to tackle the scenario as a whole, that is, with regard to both the objective information stemming from the events produced by activities, objects, software, business processes, and the subjective information coming from communication between people.

This transformation process is one of the key aspects of the innovation under way, through technologies such as the IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Mobile & Wearable Technologies, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Smart Sensors.

Innovation is not just about technological process but, first and foremost, the application of improvements for society and markets, capable of satisfying new requirements, unexpressed needs or unaddressed requests through more effective products, processes, services or technologies compared to those currently in use: AlmavivA Group invests in technology, research and innovation, platforms, competences and strategic alliances to enhance the effectiveness and user-friendliness of pervasive information, contextualized and improved according to the perception and needs of the users, clients, communities or markets.

For businesses this translates into tackling in a radically different way the development the products: from agri-food enterprises to service companies, from tourism to transport, through healthcare and financial services, or business sectors are undergoing radical changes, which are revolutionizing the concept of purchasing and selling by the “servitization” of products, which are no longer simply sold or purchased, but supplied as services, their use and operation, as well as the effects of their use, being monitored through sensors, also for the purpose of analyzing the social and behavioral reactions.

Enterprise 4.0” are able to tackle the scenario, in which the borders between service and product, between company and supply chain, between real and latent demand, between use certain designer, between industrial sectors and cross-sector smart communities are becoming blurred: a scenario in which the capacity to acquire, manage and analyze information flows provides the knowledge and awareness for directing processes and solutions. This is what the KOE Knowledge of Everything® is all about.

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