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Digital Change


Digital Change

Digital Change

Digital Transformation is one of the major challenges that businesses of any size or sector will have to face in the forthcoming years to retain their competitive edge. Pursuing change does not translate simply into making investments in digital technology, but also requires innovating the business model and overhauling procedures, organization, corporate culture and IT. This is a process that affects three key areas, each one of which is fundamental for designing a consistent approach:

  • redefining the Customer Experience according to a digital rationale, in order to enable businesses to manage customers with a unique and consistently customized user experience through all contact channels, because customer expectations are on the rise and the customer journey is becoming more and more dynamic and multichannel
  • redesigning the organizational processes on the basis of digital technologies, to enhance their flexibility and speed and increase productivity, by adopting new cross-functional models, figures, roles and teams integrating different skills, capable of managing Governance and the Digital Transformation process
  • rethinking business models along digital lines, to support the development of an offering of products and services for new clients and markets, consistently with the changes to the rules and boundaries of the market sectors dictated by digital technology.

AlmavivA actively supports the Country’s digitization and technological innovation processes in the strategic fields of government, finance and the private sector, consolidating its position as a heavyweight in Central and Local Government, Defence & Security, Agriculture, Financial Services.

We provide specialist infrastructure support according to a Cloud migration approach, contributing to the technological development of applications for Business and Government, enabling virtuous spending review processes.

We monitor all the key technology trends – Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, OpenSource, ERP & Data Management, Industry 4.0, Web Development & Digital Communication, DevOps – to develop complex added-value IT solutions for improved service quality, also in terms of business continuity, privacy and data security, based on unique vertical competencies in Italy and a mix of strategic partnerships, competence centers, international certification and a huge amount of experience built up working with important customers in both the public and private sectors.