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Cloud Computing & ICT Services


Cloud Computing & ICT Services

Cloud Computing & ICT Services

AlmavivA is developing and broadening its range of IT services based on a set of innovative cloud computing solutions, offering unique competences in Italy that are capable of ensuring improved service quality, also in terms of business continuity, privacy and data security.

Cloud Computing technology can immediately respond to business needs, satisfying the growing demand by enterprises and government for flexibility, reduced infrastructure costs and real-time access from any device.

In many businesses, the evolution of ICT technology has failed to ensure the replacement of old architectures with new ones, leading moreover to stratification and mixed systems, characterized by the simultaneous presence of applications inspired by the traditional models and web technologies.

This situation entails two key problems:

  • problems in ensuring an overall view of the ICT architecture, which often appears like huge infrastructures made up of distinct components, held together by a lawyer of middleware to enable the proper operation of the information flows
  • the increased time-to-market: these layered architectures require higher management and maintenance costs and greater complexity in the development of new business opportunities.

AlmavivA’s Cloud Computing solutions come in three different types, depending on the required service:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – provides typical datacenter resources, such as processing, storage and networking.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – builds on to the IaaS service, with middleware components to facilitate the release and development of application landscapes.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – offers full cloud applications, in the form of online services.

The system features functionalities at various levels, with:

  • service components used to operationally control the processing sub-systems, structured according to the rules of a Management and Control Centre:
  • integrated monitoring
  • service provisioning components
  • Capacity Management of the processing environment
  • service automation, with self-service functions.

Besides the three regional Data Center and a Business Continuity site, located in Italy, AlmavivA has developed the HyperCED®, a leading «Cloud for Enterprise» infrastructure in Italy. A concentrate of certified technologies capable of assisting medium-to-large public and private organizations, operating in various sectors, in their cloud migration. With its unique mix of scalability, technology and statistical saturation models of the processing resources, HyperCED® can transform the IT infrastructure into an on-demand service with real-time provisioning capacity. Interested in finding out more about AlmavivA?

Find out more at AlmavivA page.