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Cloud Computing & ICT Services


Cloud Computing & ICT Services

Cloud Computing & ICT Services

At AlmavivA we upgrade and integrate complex systems with new generation technologies, through excellence software development services and processes. We can enhance efficiency, while reducing costs, based on an all-round offering of ICT outsourcing services, ensuring system design, delivery and operation of systems and applications on an end-to-end basis.

At AlmavivA, we have developed and broadened the concept of “cloud computing”, offering the market an all-round array of IT services based on certified technical infrastructure and a unique expertise in Italy, which enable us to guarantee the key elements for the secure adoption of “cloud” solutions by clients, namely, service continuity, privacy and data security.

Cloud Computing is a technology for rapidly responding to the growing demand, by businesses and government, for flexibility, infrastructure cost containment and real-time access to any device.
The technological evolution of ICT, in many businesses, has not entailed the replacement of the old architectures with new ones, but has determined a process of stratification and the development of mixed systems, characterized by the joint presence of applications based both on conventional models and web technologies.
This complexity can be broken down into two key aspects:
  • the difficulty to maintain an “overall vision” of the ICT architecture, which often consists of enormous infrastructures made up of separate components, held together by layers of middleware to enable the effective operation of the information flows
  • increased time-to-market: these “layered” architectures entail higher management and maintenance costs and feature greater complexity in the development of new business opportunities.
The capacity to monitor and manage the HW and SW resources in a distributed IT environment is an essential feature of AlmavivA's Cloud offering, enabling us to solve these problems.
Our Cloud Computing solutions come in three different versions, according to our clients' specific requirements:
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – a Cloud in which the infrastructure making up the IT environment (server, storage, network) are treated as if they were services
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – a Cloud in which, besides the infrastructure (server, storage and network), certain operating systems and applications too are treated as services
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)a Cloud offering cloud-resident applications, such as web mails and CRM, in the form of online services.
The system provides functions at different levels with co-existing: 
  • service components, used to operationally control the processing subsystems, structured according to the rules governing the Management and Control Centers
  • integrated workstation monitoring, with respect to both existing and new workstations
  • service provisioning components
  • Capacity Management functions in the processing environment
  • service automation, with self-service functions.

Alongside our three regional Data Centers and a Business Continuity site, AlmavivA has developed HyperCED®, a leading «Cloud for Enterprise» infrastructure in Italy, concentrating certified technologies for assisting the Cloud migration of medium/large public and private organizations operating in a variety of sectors. Featuring a unique mix of scalability, statistical technologies and models of saturation of processing resources, HyperCED® can transform your IT infrastructure into an on-demand service with real-time provisioning capabilities.

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