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Cloud Computing & ICT Services


Cloud Computing & ICT Services

Cloud Computing & ICT Services

Springing from Cloud Computing solution design and implementation best practices within Public Admin and Transportation sectors, AlmavivA confirms its commitment to the development of highly-flexible Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Based on Client needs, the innovative AlmavivA Cloud Mix model can dynamically exploit a variable infrastructure mix:

  • HyperCED®: a «Private Cloud for Enterprise» infrastructure, a concentrate of certified technologies capable of assisting medium-to-large public and private organizations, operating in various sectors, in their cloud migration, combining scalability, technology and statistical saturation models of the processing resources in order to transform the IT infrastructure into an on-demand service.
  • NUBA®: an extremely agile Private Cloud infrastructure offering the best-in-class in terms of automation and standardization. Its innovative architecture enables the autonomous management of environments, thus broadening the Public Cloud offering to on-premises environments.
  • Public Cloud Offering: based on strategic market partnerships with the largest players, AlmavivA is a certified provider of Service Assurance services also using third-party Cloud infrastructure.

Through SAP - Hosting, Cloud, Infrastructure, Application Management Services, Hana – certifications for our Data Center at Scalo Prenestino and our agreements with the VirtuStream provider, AlmavivA has become the number one provider, in Italy, of Cloud solutions for SAP Hana.

These certifications add to the already extensive portfolio of specific and recognized technology skills that ensure the high quality of the infrastructure and services managed by AlmavivA on behalf of our Clients, thanks to the work of over 800 dedicated professionals and three Data Centers in Italy.