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People Centered Applications


People Centered Applications

People Centered Applications

Efficient Big Data management (that is: large amount of unstructured information collected from different sources) represents a key element enabling enterprise to benefit more and more from business opportunities before their competitors do.

Almawave solutions real-time analyze and understand constantly volume-increasing, different type and highly volatile data, to make better value of information within enterprises and in B-2-C relationships, at a strategic and operational level.

To be Market leaders, today, performing analyses of traditional ERP application-generated data is no longer enough (CRM, Supply Chain Management systems, etc.). It is now strategic to understand (traditional and social) multi-channel communication-collected information, as well as perceive customer sentiment to precisely answer issues raised by own customers.
Almawave bears unique expertise in the field, having developed Iride Customer Centric Suite®, a technological suite of vertical applications addressing specific needs:

  • IrideOne Natural Interface to simplify Front-End activities
  • IrideAware to manage brand, product and services reputation
  • Iride Voice to turn voice into information and sentiment
  • IrideCRM to ensure the best contact relationship management
  • Iride KM to optimize information search
  • IrideClaim to actively manage customer claims and needs
  • IrideCall to automate Marketing campaigns.

Iride Customer Centric-Suite® was designed to perfectly fit and integrate with enterprise Legacy systems, information management applications, and Market-leading Software platforms, making best value of existing investments and enriching tools with additional features.
Iride Customer Centric Suite® multi-language platform also easily integrates with best-of-breed business intelligence products, global Market-leading phone and IVR systems, in addition to voice recognition ones.

Almawave mission consists in offering to the Market innovative, easy-to-use ideas and solutions, bridging business vision and technological expertise. In order to achieve such goal, Almawave offering is organized into:

  • Natural language understanding 
  • Big Data Advanced Analytics
  • Adaptive interfaces
  • Voice recognition.

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