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Telco, Media & Services


Telco, Media & Services

Telco, Media & Services

Serving service providers

Among the 3 top players in the Italian outsourcing market, at AlmavivA we have the skills and expertise to collaborate as prime technology partners with the Telco, Media & Services sector, thanks to our longstanding experience in the management of Data Processing Centers, the professional qualifications of our human resources and our multi-vendor approach. 

Moreover, we have already established partnerships with some of the leading companies, which enable us to fully meet the market requirements of a sector that needs to outsource the management of its IT processes to a limited number of players, selecting the most reliable in terms of capacity to deliver and excellence in innovation. 

At AlmavivA we have developed a number of strategic projects for Telecom Italia, such as the Compliance Dashboard, designed to enable the Top Management of Telecom Italia to direct investments for reducing risk.
Telecom Italia has also awarded us the contract for the maintenance and evolution of its Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platforms, which support “vital” systems for the client's Core Business.

For the energy company Enel, we deliver System Management services for operations systems and the corporate PC pool service desk.

AlmavivA is also an Italian leader in the CRM market and uses innovative technologies to ensure excellence in CRM 3.0.

Key highlights

  • 450 million multi-channel contacts each year
  • 400 million multilingual interactions analyzed on social networks
  • 250,000 tickets per year managed by the AlmavivA Service Desk for Enel
  • 300 systems managed by AlmavivA engineers for Enel
  • 15 million annual contacts managed for NET, an efficiency of 95%

Principal Clients

  • TIM
  • Sky
  • Wind
  • Vodafone
  • American Express
  • ENI
  • Alitalia
  • Enel
  • Leasys
  • Mediaset
  • Fastweb