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Local Government


Local Government

Local Government

Driving innovation from small communities to large regions

In order to adequately meet the very diversified needs of Regional & Local Government, at AlmavivA we can offer the implementation of infrastructures, platforms and solutions capable of satisfying such priority needs as containing public spending (spending review), implementing the Digital Agenda, and ensuring Cooperation between the various Entities and Local Government, the latter being achieved through the design and development of SOA-based open source platforms also in SPCoop environment.

The portfolio of AlmavivA products targeting this specific market sector also includes dedicated solutions such as Iride® Semantic Power, a second-generation ontology-driven semantically-enabled platform capable of the real-time analysis of structured and destructured information, SEM-Smart Energy Management, for monitoring and rationalizing energy use, and BELT an eTicketing and public transport vehicle monitoring and tracking system.
Thanks to our competences and the expertise we have built up, AlmavivA is the ideal partner for the effective application of the smart city, a city where communication infrastructure integrating cutting-edge technology is combined with mobile and portable devices to offer state-of-the-art services and applications.
At AlmavivA, in fact, we have developed a number of innovative projects for Regional & Local Governments, such as the integrated ticketing and passenger announcement system for local public transport in Trentino (MITT) and a mobility content and information management system (Context Aware).
The Province of Naples has awarded AlmavivA a contract for developing the Provincial Operations Center, providing mobility information in real time through various communication channels (smartphone, tablet, pc, etc.), as well as alternative multimodal routes.
Various regional and local authorities have benefitted from AlmavivA's expertise in the implementation of management platforms, for improving the efficiency of their processes, including the Region of Lombardia, for which we manage the Social and Health Care Information System (SISS) and for which we have developed the e-procurement software platform for the Regional Procurement Operations Center (CRA), and the Region of Toscana, for which we have developed HyperTIX, a “cloud computing” data center providing services to local governments, and we have recently been awarded a contract for managing and developing the new C.A.R.T. (an infrastructure for Regional Application Cooperation in Toscana), which serves as e.Toscana Compliance Technical Center (for the accreditation of products and solutions complying with the regional standards for infrastructure) and the Regional Competence Center for the reutilization of SW products
Key highlights
  • MITT System: 7 local public transport companies, 770 buses, 100,000  Smart Cards.
  • HyperTIX:  30 accredited ISPs, 65 racks of which 12 are high-density racks, 700 virtual machines, 106 TB storage.
  • C.A.R.T.: 10 Provinces, 62 Local Authorities12 ASL (Area Health Authorities), 4 AO (Hospitals), 3 ESTAV, 17 Mountain Area Authorities, 20,000,000 messages/month, 130 application domains
  • SISS: 10,000,000 Regional Service Smartcards (CRSs) produced and delivered to residents in the Region of Lombardia.

Principal Clients

  • Lombardia Informatica
  • Region of Sardegna
  • Region of Calabria
  • Informatica Trentina
  • Province of Naples
  • Region of Toscana