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Financial Services


Financial Services

Financial Services

Generating value for value managers

AlmavivA is a key player in the Financial Services industry, where we have been operating for over 30 years as System Integrator and ICT solution providers, supporting development in the sector with an offering designed to meet the needs of financial services operators catering to both individuals and businesses, whether Italian and foreign credit institutions and banks, trust companies, providers of mail and financial services.

AlmavivA is reputed for its unique expertise and excellence, with distinctive functional and process competences, innovative platforms and products, for satisfying the new integration and efficiency needs of businesses, and engagement with our clients in building new opportunities, consistently with the applicable domestic and EU standards and regulations.

The hallmarks of our offering are a focus on Cloud paradigms, with a fair balance between security and privacy, the enhanced openness, flexibility and accessibility of our services, our availability on the social networks and mobile devices, to ensure that our clients can interact with us anywhere, anytime, anyhow, in line with the most advanced industry requirements, and we provide:

  • End-to-End solutions
    Functional and process consulting for implementing business solutions, from analyzing customer needs to developing projects, from system integration to application management and maintenance
  • Product suite
    Scalable and modular solutions, which can be customized and integrated, and which can be accessed by means of multi-channel and multi-device applications, based on consolidated process competences, technologies and methods.
  • as-a-service Solutions
    Customized services, based on our suite of solutions and products and available on a pay-per-use basis.

AlmavivA offers an all-round integrated range of solutions and services: Core Banking, Insurance management systems, Capital Market, Tax & Finance, Credit, Pricing, Payment, Governance & Compliance, Business Process Outsourcing, Security, Digital, Multi-channeling, Customer Experience Management, Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics


Customer area: http://areaclienti.banche.almaviva.it/

Principal Clients

  • Poste Italiane
  • BPM
  • BPER
  • BPS
  • Carige
  • UBS
  • Banca D’Italia
  • MPS
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Fideuram
  • UBI
  • Banco Popolare
  • Cedacri
  • SEC Servizi
  • Unipol Assicurazioni
  • HDI Assicurazioni
  • AXA
  • Allianz
  • ConTe.it
  • IntesaSanPaolo Vita
  • Assimoco
  • RSA
  • Uniqa Assicurazioni.
  • Credem
  • Cariparma
  • Che Banca!
  • Mediobanca
  • BSI
  • Credit Suisse
  • CSE
  • Società Fiduciarie
  • Unicredit
  • IntesaSanPaolo