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Social Responsability


Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

For AlmavivA Group social responsibility means developing and promoting the integration of ethical principles within the company’s strategic vision, based on the effective management of social issues in the organization and the local communities.

This translates into the introduction of principles of Social Responsibility, in particular: viewing its employees as a strategic resource, respecting their rights and promoting their professional development; considering its suppliers as partners, in the production of the company’s core goods and services; considering its clients as a key component of AlmavivA’s success, working for their satisfaction.

The key values of AlmavivA are Innovation, Integration and Internationalization. Equally important are Integrity and Italianness.

Day by day, AlmavivA interprets a person-centered corporate culture grounded on the observance of common ethical principles and the transparent commitment to respecting rules. The Group has transformed its presence in Italy as a core strategic value, supported by investments, territorial rooting and, in the last fifteen years, the most significant contribution by a private business group t the growth of qualified and stable employment.

AlmavivA was one of the first Italian ICT companies to receive, in 2007, the Social Accountability System Certificate – SA 8000, interpreting and spreading, every day, the principles of social responsibility, and is now also a member of the UN Global Compact Program, become the World’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, with the purpose of promoting a sustainable global economy respectful of human and labor rights, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Among the social solidarity initiatives pursued by AlmavivA, a special place is reserved for the NPO Fondazione Asphi Onlus, a foundation that for over thirty years has been promoting the autonomy and inclusion for people with disabilities in school, work and society, through the use of digital technologies.

In 2016 AlmavivA, Fondazione Asphi Onlus and Istituto Leonarda Vaccari launch the experiment Click4all, a do-it-yourself IT kit enabling disabled persons to fully access computer technology.