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PerVoice is the leading company within the sector of speech recognition technology, with technology based on latest generation solutions which are entirely Italian. It became part of the Almawave group in 2013.

With the acquisition of PerVoice, Almawave completed its technology and solutions portfolio, integrating the Iride® Customer Centric Suite with Automatic Speech Recognition technology, which uses the most advanced Speech-To-Text and Emotional Analysis algorithms in the main languages, including English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Danish and Greek.

This brought about the creation of Iride® Voice, which allows a telephone conversation to be transcribed into a written text and - due to the ontological semantic interpretation of the natural language - identifies, comprehends and categorises customer needs in a simple, quick and efficient way, tracking and extracting important concepts.

The solution features advanced analytics and a knowledge-management system, created to provide useful data in order to redesign processes of churn prevention, marketing insight, claims and training. 

With its Iride® Customer Centric Suite, Almawave is offering a unique platform, which is currently the most comprehensive in existence in terms of the solutions offered and the complementary nature of the tools used, which is able to provide complete cover for the requirements of summarising and addressing customer needs.
President: Fulvio Rigotti
Vice President: Valeria Sandei
CEO: Paolo Angelo Paravento
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PerVoice S.p.A.
Viale Verona, 190/191 - 38123 Trento
Share Capital € 670.000 f.p.
Company's Registry of Trento
Tax Identification/VAT Registration nr 02019100227
Management and Coordination of AlmavivA spa