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Almawave USA

Almawave USA

Almawave USA Inc. is the American subsidiary of Almawave, the technological innovation company of the AlmavivA Group. Established in 2014 and based in San Francisco it aims to take products and services with made-in-Italy technology in the area of Customer Experience to Silicon Valley. 

Almawave USA Inc. has undertaken business and market development in the United States with a specific focus for each industry, given that Almawave solutions are applicable to more than one market sector (telecom, utilities, media and banking) The technological and applications core of the exported solutions is located in Italy, where Almawave has its labs.
The company offers the market innovative ideas and solutions, which are inspired by a new concept of People Centred Technology. Almawave has developed a suite of innovative products by uniting a business vision with technological know-how - the Iride® Customer Centric Suite - that brings all the drivers of innovation together which, until now, had been managed separately: semantics, statistics, automatic speech recognition and adaptive interface, offering a new "People Centred" way to interact which transforms the individual experience. 
Almawave's innovative vision provides quality information in real time that is calibrated to the individual requirements of each department.
President: Valeria Sandei