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AlmavivA Services

AlmavivA Services

AlmavivA Services was established in 2016 with an extensive and innovative range of high added-value services in the field of Customer Relationship Management in the European Union. The Company is a branch of AlmavivA Contact, a leading Italian outsourcer of CRM services for private companies and public entities, with a history of over 20 years.

The objective of AlmavivA Services is to ensure the development of a successful Customer Experience strategy, for its customers, on the European Telco, Media, Energy, Government, Finance, Transportation, Logistics markets. A profound expertise in its core business, a mastery of innovative technology and a capacity of multidisciplinary and multi-language delivery in real time are the hallmarks of the AlmavivA Services offering.

Thanks to the longstanding experience of its parent company, built up over decades of extraordinary global work, and to the People Centered Technology of AlmavivA Group, AlmavivA Services can offer off-the-shelf Business Process Outsourcing services, with a unique time-to-market, from process analysis to technological and operational regeneration.

Sole Director: Andrea Antonelli

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