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AlmavivA de Belgique

AlmavivA de Belgique

AlmavivA de Belgique, the Belgian company of the AlmavivA Group, was established in 2014 to meet the needs of IT sector clients in Belgium, Luxembourg and in the context of the European Union.  

The objective of AlmavivA de Belgique is to export the experience, skills and resources of the AlmavivA Group in a European context, to resolve the complex challenges within the IT world through technological innovation and high standards of quality. 

The company, which is based in Brussels, develops production and sales within the local market, with a specific focus on the world of the EU institutions and the public and private sector (telecoms, utilities, media and banking). 
The mission of AlmavivA de Belgique is to bring technological innovation to the field of software development and IT infrastructure management, taking advantage of the experience the Group has acquired through its extraordinary global experience. With a vision that aims to generate ideas for simple and intuitive business-driven solutions that are capable of enhancing our clients' potential.
President: Gianfranco Previtera
CEO: Fabio Mazzarini

Visit the AlmavivA de Belgique website