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Almawave do Brasil


Almawave do Brasil

Almawave do Brasil

Almawave do Brasil was established in 2010, to transfer the know how developed in Europe to the South American market, with a view to becoming a leading provider of people-centered technologies on the Brazilian market, for multichannel customer interaction, business process management and real-time analysis of information for business reengineering.

Drawing on the technological expertise of Almawave's Italian-based specific Innovation Labs and the Centers of Excellence, Almawave do Brasil can offer solutions to large Brazilian enterprises for achieving greater quality and efficiency in the process of Customer Interaction and Knowledge Management.

The Company operates through both a commercial area dedicated to direct customers - thanks to the support of the Solution Engineering, Project Management, Software Factory and Delivery departments, in view of the implementation and integration of Iride®-based solutions with the clients' operating processes - and a Partner network, offering pre-sale and sales support.

Almawave can boast a unique experience in the design, implementation and management of products and user-friendly solutions based on the Iride® Semantic Power solution, a proprietary, flexible, comprehensive and innovative semantic-ontological platform based on last-generation mathematical models. This state-of-the-art technology enables the real-time analysis and interpretation of both the organized and structured data and information contained in corporate databases, and the unstructured, highly variable and unpredictable information found, for example, in the posts and comments expressed on the social networks, blogs and emails. 

Almawave’s solutions enable customers to identify, understand and develop the concepts of interest through the interpretation of natural language, with quick, easy and direct interaction.
The Iride® platforms offered by Almawave in Brazil are:
The Iride® Customer Centric Suite, a comprehensive multichannel platform, enabling easier and faster interaction with customers and providing a complete business intelligence dynamic dashboard to track and analyze key service center metrics.
The Iride® Shared intelligence Suite, which enables firms, through the real time analysis of multichannel information and dynamic BI, to manage and track performance, to segment and retain the most valuable customers and to enhance and reengineer business processes.
Almawave do Brasil's solutions provide:
  • improved productivity and improved quality in customer interaction through a multichannel “natural” interface;
  • a holistic view of the customer, capturing structured and unstructured information;
  • lower response time to customers with resulting lower handling time;
  • lower strategy costs thanks to a detailed real-time BI;
  • increased sales and credit recovery through better multichannel tools;
  • significant improvements in corporate knowledge and process reengineering.
Diretora Presidente: Valeria Sandei
Diretor Presidente Adjunto: Evaristo Mascarenhas de Paula
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Key Clients

  • Sanofi
  • Gruppo Generali
  • Intermedica
  • TIM
  • Sodexo
  • Itaù
  • Claro
  • NET
  • Telefonica
  • Vivo
  • Citroen-Peugeot