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AlmavivA Digitaltec


AlmavivA Digitaltec

AlmavivA Digitaltec

AlmavivA Digitaltec was founded in late 2017 to develop activities based on digital and disruptive technologies, which are strategic for the clients of AlmavivA, the group spearheading the country’s digitalisation.

Talent, expertise and the ability to innovate. These are the cornerstones of AlmavivA Digitaltec, which employs a high number of young talents alongside qualified senior staff, mainly involved in the Mobile & Portals, IoT & GIS, API, Microservice & Containers and Big Data Analytics areas, on the basis of the feedback coming from the Consulting divisions of the parent company.

AlmavivA Digitaltec supports all activities focusing on the new markets, with special emphasis on the Cloud Transformation, Legacy Modernisation, Connected Vehicles, Insurance Telematics and Industry 4.0 areas in the central and local public administration, industry, utilities, transport and financial services sectors. The company adopts lean IT processes to produce application components, interoperability platforms and solutions for re-use, with the aim of expanding the range of products and services through which the AlmavivA Group promotes digital growth in crucial sectors of Italy’s economy.

The Digital Factory of the AlmavivA Group adopts new ways of recruiting and valuing resources, based on a strategic, systemic and integrated approach with universities, the most challenging research projects, academies and hackathons throughout the national territory.

Sole Director: Antonio Amati



AlmavivA Digitaltec S.r.l.
Via Benedetto Brin 49 – 80142 Naples
Single-member company
Share Capital:  250.000,00 i.v.
Tax Identification/VAT Registration nr: 08776181219
Company's Registry of Naples
Management and Coordination of AlmavivA spa