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A longstanding partner to Italy’s principal Government departments and agencies, at AlmavivA we are committed to supporting the digitization and technology innovation processes currently under way in Italy. We upgrade and integrate complex systems with the emerging technologies, through excellence software development and cloud computing services and processes. We also provide an all-round offering of IT services – Software Development, ICT Outsourcing, Application and Infrastructure management, Service Assurance – based on a certified technology infrastructure and unique competences in Italy, enabling us to ensure better service quality, also in terms of continuity of operations, privacy and data security.

At AlmavivA we can boast a distinctive experience in the design, development and management of "mission critical" systems, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the technical and regulatory environments and of our clients’ business, to our state-of-the-art technology infrastructures, to our Software Factory, manned by about 700 software engineers and to a far-reaching international network of industrial and scientific partners, as well as to our active presence in Open Source communities, according to a vendor independent approach.

Building on our success stories in the design and implementation of Cloud solutions in the Public Administration and Transportation sectors, we can renew our commitment by focusing on the development of highly flexible Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Based on Client needs, the innovative AlmavivA Cloud Mix model can dynamically exploit a variable infrastructure mix:

  • HyperCED®: a «Private Cloud for Enterprise» infrastructure, a concentrate of certified technologies capable of assisting medium-to-large public and private organizations, operating in various sectors, in their cloud migration, combining scalability, technology and statistical saturation models of the processing resources in order to transform the IT infrastructure into an on-demand service.
  • NUBA®: an extremely agile Private Cloud infrastructure offering the best-in-class in terms of automation and standardization. Its innovative architecture enables the autonomous management of environments, thus broadening the Public Cloud offering to on-premises environments.
  • Public Cloud Offering: based on strategic market partnerships with the largest players, AlmavivA is a certified provider of Service Assurance services also using third-party Cloud infrastructure.

A strong experience in design, management and integration of OpenSource platforms and Internet of Things solutions in different sectors enables AlmavivA to support Customers throughout the lifecycle process of data transformation in an IoT system, ranging from on-field event collection to the acquisition of digital knowledge required for Decision Support systems, via means of Data Stream Processing, Big Data & Advanced Analytics, System Integration, InfoMobility&Mobile, and Dashboards. 

    The mission of the AlmavivA Competence Centers and Solution Labs is to bring quality, competence and innovation in all the business areas in which the Group operates:

    • Software Engineering
    • Web & Mobile Technologies
    • IoT & Knowledge of Everything
    • Cyber Security
    • Monetica & Mobile Payment
    • Command & Control
    • Integrated Surveillance Systems
    • Biometric Technologies
    • Smart Energy Management
    • Information Security
    • Project Management
    • OpenSource 
    • SOA – Service-oriented Architecture
    • EI – Enterprise Integration 
    • Portal development & WEB 2.0
    • Document & Data Management
    • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
    AlmavivA quality extends from people to processes and technologies. The Group is ITIL compliant, with regard to its service management model, and has achieved all the major international quality certificates:
    • ​EN UNI 15838
    • ​ISO 9001
    • ​ISO 27001 (edizione 2013)
    • ​ISO 20000
    • ​ISO 22301
    • ​ISO 14001
    • ​ISO 50001
    • AQAP 2110/AQAP 160
    • ​SA - Social Accountability 8000

    Building on these distinctive qualities, at AlmavivA we can offer products and solutions tailored to a broad range of markets:

    In the Italian IT Services market, AlmavivA is  
    • the No. 1 provider to the Central Government sector
    • the No. 1 provider to the Transportation & Logistics sector
    • among the leading providers to the Homeland Security & Protection sector
    • among the main players to the Finance sector
    • the leader in CRM services


    President: Alberto Tripi
    CEO: Marco Tripi   



    AlmavivA s.p.a.
    Via di Casal Boccone 188/190 00137 Rome
    Rome Companies’ Registry
    Tax Identification Number/VAT Registration 08450891000
    Share capital (fully paid up) € 154.899.065,00